Now the planning starts for 2015!  February 28th and March 1st, with re-bookings at a very high level already and enquiries about booking from some very well-regarded traders who visited the October market to check out how it was coming along, so I am pretty confident it will be a seriously good market. And it will have FREE ADMISSION despite the fact that we are now by some considerable way the largest Re-enactment Market in the UK :-)

2014 0062014 0442014 001We have engaged “Greenman Rising” as our Saturday night band for February 28th, some of you will remember them from Tewkesbury and from the Midlands History Festivals.



We are now completely fully booked so far as the inside space in our two massive Arenas is concerned (subject to a couple of confirmations and the usual caveats).

Recent bookings include Matuls, Aunt Annie’s Traditional Toffee & Fudge, Spindle & Weave, The Copper Elf, Barrhead Leathers, Tomasz Hruska Saddlery, Bohemia Glass, Timeline Miniatures, SellSword Entertainment, Black Knight Historical, Tents of Old, Toad Shakos, Dilligaf, Bev Polf, Period Tents, Michael Ghosh, Aaargh Armouries, Lionheart Replicas, Quiverstock, Links in Time, The Period Costume Shop, Amber Wolf Workshop, Wonderlust Couture,  The Green Man Pottery, The Lancashire Mead Company, Wyld Fire, and Viking Crafts.  Some old friends and some new friends!

quiverstock arrowsMakes me wonder just when the venue are going to start putting up their new even bigger Arena – at 7,480 square metres it’s going to to be really huge!

We are also looking forward to welcoming The Bloodaxe Vikings group, who will have an encampment and run demonstrations and drills over the weekend.

Bloodaxe 2

Other news – We are delighted that “Session!” will once again be putting on a concert for us on the Saturday night. Loads of Rock and Blues, proved extremely popular last year, and we have re-located them to perform on the Mezzanine that has now been built overlooking both the Arenas, with a level access through to the Bar. The new restaurant is adjacent to this area, and the new Cafeteria alongside – I’ll be trying to get hold of menus and publish them before the market, so you might like to consider booking a table and making a night of it with great live music, all included in our sensibly priced FREE ADMISSION !

session live

Our next National Living History Fayre will now be on it’s original weekend, October 25th & 26th 2014. This is a change that has been forced upon us, and is frustrating and inconvenient, and has caused me a whole heap of trouble, but it might turn out to be an excellent thing going forward. The Bruntinghorpe market has changed it’s dates, leaving me free to use those weekends at the end of February and October that the original NLHF used to have when I staged it at the WEC. And we are now the largest market in terms of both space and number of traders, so we are big enough to stand alone, and still be very attractive to customers, especially as we have FREE ADMISSION. Put the dates in your forward planners!

Civil War Sutlers

various inc Nlh 142


Well, that’s it over for November 2013, we had 125 traders (more or less, some stands are multi-trader :-)   )   Good thing the venue have that even bigger venue in the offing….Sword Fighting Tourney, Archery Competition, Rock and Blues Band playing live Saturday night, Juggling Jesters on Sunday morning, – AND STILL FREE ADMISSION!!!

Well, how about that? We now have a Full Contact Medieval Sword Fighting Tournament at the NLHF, to be run by Paul Black, aka Sir John of Lancaster, Earl of Chester, who runs the Knights of Honour re-enactment group and who has revived the Knight School, a sort of specialist Boot Camp to help improve standards of fitness and skill and safety across medieval sword fighters. Full details on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FullContactAtNLHF !







VENUE is ONLEY GROUNDS EQUESTRIAN CENTRE, just off the M45 / A45 near Dunchurch, just 9 easy miles along the main road from Ryton-on-Dunsmore, and there will continue to be completely FREE ADMISSION!!!

We intend it to be FUN – so there’ll be space made available for all sorts of things,  including an Archery Competition  – Magen from Fairbow is talking about a floodlit contest in the evenings in the Outdoor Arena overlooked by the Bar for the traders and any archers camping there, the Medieval Combat Tournament, and pretty much anything you care to suggest! But if you want it to happen, and it’s your idea, then it’s mostly up to you to make it happen – we’ll do all we can in terms of space and facilities…

We intend to continue to offer CAMPING to traders and to (pre-booked) customers as well, making it even easier to enjoy the NLHF as there are no additional accommodation costs or traipsing back and forth to B&B or hotel. (We need customers to pre-book the camping so we can ensure we have any requisite additional facilities and sufficient BEER!)

BUT STILL NO ENTRY CHARGES! Completely FREE admission. After all, you don’t pay to go to a shopping centre, do you?

We look forward to seeing you there!  Bring warm clothes – it is not heated! And sensible footwear in case it is muddy or wet.

Best wishes

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various inc Nlh 142

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