Last Minute Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are often full of items that can’t be recycled, and wind up in a landfill. The other disadvantage is how impersonal some can be: Full of items that range from loved to detested. Presenting a unique Valentine’s Day gift you made yourself gives you the chance to make every item something cherished or at least, eaten with appreciation. Besides saving time, another advantage is knowing that you’re limiting the amount of non-recyclable material that would go to waste, such as the cellophane wrapping!

Romantic Gift Ideas

To make a gift basket that says “romance” try picking up the following items to put in a nice wicker basket:

  • A Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket: Pick up your sweetie’s favourite junk food chocolates as well as some high end truffles in flavours you and your sweetie will enjoy. Add a jar of Nutella to be used as an edible body paint (do not try this if either of you have an allergy to nuts.)
  • Sexy Gift Basket: This may be an interesting choice that may not involve you going to a sex shop. some of these ingredients can be found in more progressive drug stores: Favourite brand of condoms, flavoured body oil and/or lubricant (for extra environmentally friendly choices, select a massage oil made from almond oil, but do not use this as a lubricant. Anything that is not water-based can damage the integrity of latex, by dissolving it.) Top up the “sexy gift basket” with some chocolates, or a jar of Nutella as body paint, and your gift basket is complete.
  • Wine Lovers Gift Basket: Go to a “Paint Your Own” ceramic store and personalize some ceramic wine goblets. Doodle names of places you’ve gone on dates to, concert events, or authors you both share a love of. Once they’re are finished and ready to pick up, buy a bottle of wine, to toast your projects’ completion, and throw in a book that the two of you might like.
  • Music Lovers Gift Idea: buy a collection of CDs or old LPs that the two of you like and make it a project to transform them into MP3. If space is an issue, buy some tunes online and load them secretly onto your sweetheart’s player, on a folder labeled “from your Valentine.” This being a virtual gift, it has the lowest carbon footprint of all options.

How to Make Your Own Gift Basket

Presentation can make even the humblest of presentations stand out. This doesn’t have to mean buying cellophane, or shrink-wrap to make your gift look shiny and new. Avoid wrapping your basket or box in anything that is plastic or plastic coated: Even if a gift bag is “re-gifted” to a new person, ultimately that wrapping will wear down, crack or crumple and eventually find its way into a landfill, as plastic coated shiny wrapping paper or gift bags can’t be recycled.

Try wrapping your present in a more sustainable, or more practical option: Consider it even as a part of the gift. For instance, instead of the clear plastic shrink wrap, or opaque wrapping paper, try wrapping the present in a pretty handkerchief, or cloth table napkins. Another option would be making it a container that can be used again, like a ceramic dish with a lid that can be used for storing food; consider a re-usable glass food or storage container that might hold your gift.


Unique and Eco-Friendly Gift Basket Alternatives

Consider what you will use to store your gift in. A box or basket should be relative to the size of the gift. Too large and your present will seem too small, to say nothing of potentially breaking if it rolls uselessly around the empty sides. Too small a box or basket, and presentation can be lost, making your gifts seem disorderly and chosen at random if piled haphazardly. Instead of using Styrofoam packing peanuts, try air-popped or even pink candy popcorn; it can protect fragile items, as well as be used as filler for empty gaps. An added bonus: Popcorn can be eaten as a part of the gift, too.

Ask yourself how your container, wrapping and gifts will be used once they are opened and used. Keeping everything sustainable makes for a thoughtful gift that shows your love – for your sweetheart, and the planet.