At the original NLHF at the WEC, we made space available for Re-enactment Groups and Societies who wished to promote themselves to potential recruits and clients.

At the resurrected NLHF we can do even better than that, as the luxury of space at our brilliant venue allows us to make space available not only for fun and games but for groups to set up representative Living History Camps so they can really demonstrate what they have to offer to potential recruits and clients. Obviously, we have to try and keep a balance here, as it would be rather daft from the point of getting the bills paid to have one of the big umbrella groups bring their entire tentage and membership along on the basis of strutting their stuff and completely avoiding our very reasonable camping charges.

However, with goodwill and common sense we are certain that this is an option that will prove very attractive to a wide variety of groups.

We can also arrange to provide groups with space for them to use the occasion as a Training Weekend, complete with facilities that they might not have elsewhere, such as a subsidized Bar, a multi-period Market, campsite, toilets, showers…and, of course, an unrivaled opportunity of ensuring that their newest recruits don’t buy the wrong things!!