NLHF Pitch and Stand Information

Pitches and Stands are deliberately affordable. We are traders ourselves, (although not re-enactment traders!) so we appreciate the difficulties that traders face, especially in these difficult times. Sadly, after 3+ years we have had to increase the pitch fees slightly, but they are still extremely reasonable, and our new trader and overseas trader discounts still apply to all the inside pitches at the NLHF


Inside Space    Now £12 per square metre, our first price increase since we re-started. You need to provide your own tables and chairs. Electric supply for display lighting or card-machines is possible but must be pre-booked and will have to be charged for, £10  All items you wish to use must have a current PAT ticket.bavin stand

Tented Outside Pitch      £60 – again, space only, you need your own trading tent, although as this is a multi-period market aimed specifically at re-enactors and Live Action Role Players your tent does not have to conform to any “period” or appearance. It just needs to keep you and your stock out of the weather! Please note we cannot run power to tent pitches.

DISCOUNT FOR TRADERS HAVING TO CROSS NATIONAL BOUNDARIES!! – Minimum Discount of 50% applies to inside pitches, not to tent pitches.

Traders also get to camp for free ( 2 adults per trade stand). You can use your trading tent, bring a different tent, or a caravan, or even sleep in your vehicle. Additional people just £5 per adult per night – all children FREE.

DISCOUNT FOR NEW TRADERS50% for first THREE Markets – definition of new is having started trading within last 12 months – this discount is designed to encourage and support new entrants into re-enactment / LARP trading, so helping people get started and providing them with a platform from which to grow and thrive. Without new craftsmen and women, or even folk prepared to take a risk and supply something new, there is less to attract customers to any market. Who wants to see just the same old same old?

All stands and pitches must be pre-booked and pre-paid. Please e-mail for a Booking Form, davidksmith56 AT gmail DOT com

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