Romantic Gifts For Newlyweds


Even though the honeymoon is over and the newlyweds are back home, does not mean the romance has to end. The right romantic gift now and then will keep the passion strong for a long time. Gifts that help to fan the flames are relatively easy to find, and help make those first months of marriage all the more memorable. Here are three ideas for simple but effective romantic gifts for newlyweds.

The vast majority of newlywed couples share one characteristic: they want to be alone. The gift that gives them an excuse to be alone will be appreciated a great deal. Try putting together a gift basket loaded with items designed to promote intimacy. Bubble baths, exotic massage oils, and maybe even a toy or two can be the perfect excuse to stay in for an evening.

If the idea of a naughty gift basket is not necessarily right for your newlywed couple, go with something that is likely to still afford them some private time alone. Arrange for the couple to enjoy a candlelight dinner at one of their favorite local restaurants. Prepay for the meal so all they have to do is show up and enjoy themselves. You may even want to arrange for a car and driver to take them to and from the bistro, providing them with even more time to pay undivided attention to one another.

You can also promote love and romance between the newlyweds by offering to take the kids for a weekend. With so many blended families these days, there is a good chance that one or both of the newlyweds brought a child into the marriage. Giving the newly married couple a couple of days to be free of the responsibilities of parenthood is a gift they will remember and appreciate for many years to come.

One important point to keep in mind is that whatever gift you choose, it should be to the taste of the newlyweds. The fact that you would enjoy the gifts is really not important. Identify potential gifts that will delight the couple and be something they can enjoy together, and your efforts are sure to be a big hit.