The Road

Okay, let’s talk about the road!  This is the same as it was last November, mostly one-track with a few passing places, and prone to pot-holes. That makes it pretty similar to lots of country lanes.  Phil tells me he’ll have the pot-holes filled just prior to the NLHF, and will see what can be […]

Not cancelled, postponed!

With considerable regret, I have decided that the next NLHF will not be in March, as we had planned, but will be in November 2013, probably (!) the 9th & 10th. Because of the issue over the timing of confirmation of dates for March 2013, Onley Grounds EC had already accepted a firm booking for […]

A Good Start!

Well, that was one amazing re-start!! Many many thanks to all the wonderful traders who supported it, and who made such a superb show with so many lovely things displayed for sale – I’m so glad I didn’t run a “Best Looking Stand” competition, I would not have been able to decide a winner. Lots […]