The South East Re-enactment and LARP Market – Ashford, Kent

CANCELLED! Sorry about this, mix-up with the venue over our booking.



Our first venture into Kent went really well, so we have re-booked the same venue for November 12th & 13th 2016. – Blue Barn Equestrian Centre, Great Chart, on the A28 near Ashford, Kent, TN23 3DH

Lots of great photographs by Pat Patrick can be found on his Facebook Page

Here’s just a few!

abc aisle arrows1 band bernie chow2 civil guns cloth jim1



blue barn arena1

Blue Barn EC provides us with two adjoining Arenas, and sufficient space for 80 traders, obviously depending on who wants what space – Civil War Sutlers and Bernie The Bolt need big footprints, for example.


Blue Barn Big MapEasy reach of London, being just a few miles from J9 of the M20  Overnight camping for traders.

Pitches from £65   Booking Forms from davidksmith56  AT

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