Traders standing at the February / March 2015 NLHF include:

Aaargh Armouries – Andy Collley –

Abington Ferret Rescue – Cathy Cadden

Adam Rudling, Thalian Crafts (part of Romans Onwards with Phil Wyre)

Alex Dubell – Spindle & Weave

Alice Kirby, Albert’s Shirts

Amy Nicole Banner – The Period Costume Shop –

Aunt Annie’s Traditional Toffee and Fudge

Bernie The Bolt,

Black Star Leather,

Bohemia Glass – Chad –

Bounty of Midgard

Bydand Armoury,

Chow’s Emporium

Cosmic Workshop,


Daphne Hilsdon

Dariusz Wieworka – Nordulf 

Darren Stocker, Irregularprops –

Das Shoppe

Dave Greenhalgh,

David de Bono, Histrenact –

Douggie The Wood,

Elaine Mein & Tony Perkins, House of Freya

Fairbow NL,

Felicity Burke & Tony Mugridge – Travelling Brickmakers –

Fiona Bromfield – Historica Eyewear –

Fred Ryall, Ryall Armouries

Gordon Baron, Lancashire Mead Company

Hawthorn Crafts – Matt and Alison Poole

Helen Pearston – Travelling Apothecary

Kate Philips, Bodger’s Farm Pottery

Identity Store

Jacqui Osborne – AELFGYFU –

Jason O’Keefe

Jim Evans, Honest Jim’s-

Jo Lawler, The Seamly Woman

Joanna Read – Blue Lady Couture –

Jacob’s Armoury  ( are now represented by SJ Seamstress)

John Gendall, Artist

John Wills, The Copper Elf

Julie Leggett & Richard Grover, Needwood Tree

Kasto Armouries,

Kata & Rogann, Back In The Day

Katerina Matejik – Medieval Biscuits, Cakes, and WONDERFUL Strudel

Kelly Oliver, Wonderlust Couture


Laurie Wignall,

Letters of Marque,

Links In Time,

Lionheart Replicas – Colin and Colleen Torode –

Lisa Lambeth, Civil War Sutlers –

Lixa Rebellum,

Marc Muscadel, Reves d’Acier

Marcin ‘Kokosz’ Rogowski  -Gambeson PL –

Marcus Music

Matthew Bayley, Bayley’s Heritage Castings –

Mel Secker, Toad Shakos –

Merchant of Menace, Luke Holbrook –

Mike The Hat,

Mike Wilby, Armchair Armoury

Neil Butler, Medieval Supplies

Nick Winter,

Nicky Young, Annott’s Pots

Peggy’s Necessities,

Pete and Alison – Period Tents

Phil Rayner, Millstream Forge

Phillip Wyre, Romans Onward

Pinchmill Leathers

Quiverstock – Julie Hastings –

Radbourn Designs

Barefoot Leather

Roland Thomas, History For Schools –

Simon Morgan, ELDRITCH –

Stephen Norris, Reddog Forge –

Stephen Rhodes, Armoured Up –

Steve Griffiths,

Steven Payne, The Peddler Payne,

Mad Hammers

The Dutch Warbow Society

Time Warrior,

Tomasz Slebloda – Matuls PL

Vicky Bayley, Aquerna Fabricae

Clever Hands

Sartor Bohemia,


Tomas Hruska, Leather Pear

Longship Traders

Handbound Costume –

JAE Design Studio

Art Vikings

Dragan Wood Carvers

Thorgeir The Viking

SJ Seamstress –

Kail The Runesmith

Trouvere Medieval Minstrels

Brian and Anne Mowling

History Blooms

Smallwonder Designs

Black Knight Historical

The House of de Lytton

Jack Greene

The Re-enactor’s Closet

Flash Ian McKenzie

Green Dragon Leathercraft

Sue Fever

Ed Nash










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