I will be publishing a complete list of traders for October 2014 soon, just waiting on confirmation from a few traders .We are now completely fully booked so far as all of the indoor space is concerned, with 140 traders.


Traders standing at the November 2013 NLHF included – in alphabetical order:

Alasdair Hood – The Rex Factor –

Alberic’s Animal Hides & Skins –

Alec Jones, The Bucknell Forge

Alison & Hugh’s Handmade Things,

Anita & Roger Carthew, Spellbound Supplies

Bernie The Bolt,

Black Star Leather,

Bounty of Midgard –

Bydand Armoury,

Caroline Sargisson – Warriors Wardrobe –

Chow’s Emporium

Cliff and Bren,

ClubAxe Limited,

Cosmic Workshop,


Damon Abba, Battle Ready Ltd –

Daphne Hilsdon

Darren Stocker, Irregularprops –

Das Shoppe –

Dave Carvell,

Dave Greenhalgh,

David de Bono, Histrenact – 

Dawn Figgis, Candles For All Ages

Debbie & Mick Paine, Spirit of the Fens

Dianne Barras, Maker 1881

Douggie The Wood,

Elaine Mein & Tony Perkins, House of Freya

Ella Knowles, Bee Special

Fairbow NL,

Fleur Neal, Rocks and Chains -

Fred Ryall, Ryall Armouries

Gavin Webb, Monacute Miniatures

Gem’s Trading Company

Graham Hedley – Tallows FX –

Hawthorn Crafts,

Helen Murdoch & Rob Jones –

Helen Pearston – Travelling Apothecary

Helen Smith, Phoenicis – website to follow –

Hellequin Designs,

Heritage Tents,

House of Sculthorpe,

Howard & Kate Philips, Bodger’s Farm Pottery

Ian Pycroft, Black Knight Historical

Identity Store –

Jack Green

Jacqui Osborne – AELFGYFU -

Jan and Ash, Hazlewood Inc

Janet Weeks, Linen and Needle –

Jenny Black-Mytton, Black Sheep Emporium

Joel Mason, Jacob’s Armoury

John Hughes, Towergate Insurance

Julie Leggett & Richard Grover, Needwood Tree

Kasto Armourie,

Kata & Rogann, Back In The Day

Lady Malina,

Laurie Wignall,

Letters of Marque,

Lisa Lambeth, Civil War Sutlers –

Lixa Rebellum,

Longship Traders,

Lynda Badger, Artorus Emporium – Website Under Construction

Lynn Kelly, Hairstory –

Marcus Music

Martin Bavin, Armour by Martin Bavin

Matthew Bayley, Bayley’s Heritage Castings –

Matthew Ryan,

Merchant of Menace,

Mike Price –

Mike The Hat,

Mike Wilby, Armchair Armoury

Moment In Time, Living History and Expert Interpretation –

Neil Butler, Medieval Supplies

Nick Winter,

Nicky Wade-Evans,  Gemmeus –

Nicky Young, Annotts Pots  (booking moved to March)

Paul & Lorraine Wragg, Shoot & Scapa

Paul Craddock,

Pauline Cload, Shieldmaiden

Peggy’s Necessities,

Phillip Wyre, Romans Onward

Pinchmill Leathers – 

Primley Wood Carvings

Rachel Christine Garden, Brighid Designs

Radbourn Designs –

Ray Hatley, Barefoot Leather

Re-enactor Magazine,

Richard Head Longbows,

Rick Wynne, The Grand Expedition –

Roland Thomas, History For Schools –

Roo The Leather Carver,

Sally Pointer & Gareth Riseborough,

Simon Morgan, ELDRITCH –

Simon Vowell, Vallis Green Woodworking –

SPES Medieval Market

Stanley J Pollard, c/o Cliff and Bren –

Stephen Norris, Reddog Forge –

Stephen Rhodes, Armoured Up –

Steve Griffiths,

Steven Lawton, Acquire The Fire

Steven Payne, The Peddler Payne,

Stuart Makin, Iron Forged Designs  –    

Sue Jolley & Kate Dicey, UK Professional Costumiers

The Church Farm Village Museum –

The Dutch Warbow Society –

The English Warbow Society –

Time Warrior,

Tracey Anderson – The Re-enactors Closet

Tracey Jackson, The Re-enactors Closet –

Vicky Binns, Aquerna Fabricae –

Zoe McAuley, Character Kit –




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