Traders standing at the October 2015 NLHF include:

Aaargh Armouries – Andy Collley –

Adam Rudling, Thalian Crafts (part of Romans Onwards with Phil Wyre)

Alex Dubell – Spindle & Weave

Alice Kirby, Albert’s Shirts

Amy Nicole Banner – The Period Costume Shop –

Aunt Annie’s Traditional Toffee and Fudge

Bernie The Bolt,

Black Star Leather,

Bohemia Glass – Chad –

Chow’s Emporium

Cosmic Workshop,


Daphne Hilsdon

Dariusz Wieworka – Nordulf (with Crusade)

Das Shoppe

Dave Greenhalgh,

David de Bono, Histrenact –

Douggie The Wood,

Elaine Mein & Tony Perkins, House of Freya

Fairbow NL,

Fiona Bromfield – Historica Eyewear –

Fred Ryall, Ryall Armouries

Gordon Baron, Lancashire Mead Company

Hawthorn Crafts – Matt and Alison Poole

Helen Pearston – Travelling Apothecary

Kate Philips, Bodger’s Farm Pottery

Identity Store

Jacqui Osborne – AELFGYFU –

Jim Evans, Honest Jim’s-

Jo Lawler, The Seamly Woman

Joanna Read – Blue Lady Couture –

Jacob’s Armoury  ( are now represented by SJ Seamstress)

Julie Leggett & Richard Grover, Needwood Tree

Kasto Armouries,

Kata & Rogann, Back In The Day

Katerina Matejik – Medieval Biscuits, Cakes, and WONDERFUL Strudel


Laurie Wignall,

Letters of Marque,

Levantia – Dr Timothy Dawson (with Crusade)

Links In Time,

Lisa Lambeth, Civil War Sutlers –

Lixa Rebellum,

Marcin ‘Kokosz’ Rogowski  -Gambeson PL –

Mel Secker, Toad Shakos –

Mike The Hat,

Mike Wilby, Armchair Armoury

Nick Winter,

Nicky Young, Annott’s Pots

Pete and Alison – Period Tents

Phil Rayner, Millstream Forge

Phillip Wyre, Romans Onward

Pinchmill Leathers

Quiverstock – Julie Hastings –

Radbourn Designs

Barefoot Leather

Roland Thomas, History For Schools –

Simon Morgan, ELDRITCH –

Steve Griffiths,

Steven Payne, The Peddler

Mad Hammers

The Dutch Warbow Society

Time Warrior,

Handbound Costume –

Thorgeir The Viking

SJ Seamstress –

Per Kelt

Rachael Reddy

SPES Medieval Market

Spirit Of The Dragonfly

Realms Of Fae

Tandy Leather Factory

Tracey Arnold

Troll Cave Jewellery

Jana Obrocnikova

Iduna Crafts

Sewn By Dragons

Nicci Easy – Purple Dragon Jewellery


Tallows FX












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