What They Have Said

Here’s a few comments about the reborn NLHF and a few other events I have staged…

Mike Taylor: “A big thank you for organising a very enjoyable fair. We had a great time, nice to see new(to me) traders as well as old friends. The catering was good and reasonably priced and there was great entertainment at night – best of all no admission fee meant more money to spend on goodies.”

Lynda Badger: “I would like to say a massive thank you for your wonderful hospitality and great organisation at the NLHF. It was my first market and we at Artorus Emporium couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome. Looking forward to the next one!”
Joel Mason “On behalf of Jacob’s Armoury, thank you so much David for your generosity. We met so many lovely people there. It was a wonderful experience. Alex and I had a great time and we can’t wait to do it again.”

Alison Milton: “I would say that Any Newbie should Always have a experienced member / authenty officer with them at ANY purchasing event. To say that they should for NLHF is to imply that newbies could shop with impunity at TORM – which isn’t the case because there are traders at TORM for a variety of datelines – many of them with very high standards of authenticty, but it is just as wrong to buy, for instance, an authentic C17th belt for C12th as it is to buy a cheap chrome-tan-with-shiny-chrome-buckle one.

Admittedly there were several LARP type traders at NLHF (although that was made abundantly clear in the pre-publicity) but there were also a lot of very high quality traders for a range of periods. I’m not going to single anyone out, but I will say that you could have ordered a good quality full harness, plenty of tools & supplies to make your own kit, ordered a high quality bespoke outfit, or indeed bought some very good kit ‘off the peg’, bought any number of buttons, folderols or haberdashery, found pottery, instruments, furniture, boxes etc.”

Elaine, House of Freya: “We got back last night and want to thank David for a well organised market. Yes, the road in does need work, but we managed it. Being able to drive the van up to the pitch to unload was great and meant nice wide aisles for the public with lots of disabled access. There was a number of different traders I’d not seen before which meant new stuff to “need” and the public were impressed with the range and variety of traders. All in all, a good event with a lot of potential. See you all in March.”

Andy Hopwood: “Superb array of traders, L.A.R.P. AND Reenactment traders, wide aisles, ability to browse and talk without being pushed and shoved, excellent food served in the outlets at a reasonable price, well priced liquid refreshment.
Access road is no worse than some of the roads in Cheshire, car park yes there are some issues there but all I can say there is when the facility has been completed it will be a very sought after venue. And yes I am talking NLHF!”

Sally Pointer: “We too had a good show, really busy on the Saturday, not so much on the Sunday but that’s ok. We all know its a venue in progress, and I’m looking forwards to seeing what has altered next spring.” :D

Kevan Bailey of Peggys Necessities: “Just back from NLHF after the most successful weekend’s trading we’ve ever had (50% up on our previous Best-Ever-Day). We’d like to say thank you to our customers both old and new, to David Smith for organising a brilliant market (now definitely one of our favourites in spite of the cold) and to our fellow traders for being such a spiffing, sociable bunch.”

Laurie Wignall, Trollsbottom “Congratulations on a stonking good show, really glad I ordered the extra mead”

Julie Morrisroe, Cosmic Workshop: “Fabulous weekend at the National Living History Fair..Well done David Smith for arranging another brilliant event, looking forward to March! Must also say a MASSIVE thank you to Caro Norris and Steve (why are you not on my friends list?!) And our new friend Matt who helped us put our tent up we still owe you all a drink in the bar next time!”

Deb Paine, Spirit Of The Fens Leather: “What a fantastic weekend at NLHF! Atmosphere was amazing, lovely place, lovely to see friends again and catch up won’t name any one as FB prob won’t let me post so many!!! Lol but would like to say a special thank you to David Kevin Smith for a well organised event and well see u again in March!! Brilliant weekend!!”

Cata, Back In The Day Re-enactment Furniture: “We had a great time at the NLHF , thanks to David Smith for all his organising, his team including Roland who helped us find our pitch and they all kept smiling. and the café girls who worked their socks off.”

Bydand Armouries: “The NLHF was a great event, though I would have liked to have seen more people in attendance. Saturday night’s entertainment was fab, Session from north Wales were great. The tournaments were very exciting and I’m looking forward to the next one.
Thanks to those of you who came and spoke to me about your armour needs. I’m looking forward to continuing those conversations very soon.”


Karen Durnford-Brown “David can we thank you and all your helpers for making it a brilliant, atmospheric event for us traders. We can see it going from strength to strength. Thank you also to all those lovely people who stopped to have a chat with us. Hopeully we’ll see you all at the next event – we’ll be there!!!! Karen & Peter from Radbourn Designs”

Matthew Ryan Historical Illustrator “Really enjoyed speaking to people, everyone there was very friendly and was great meeting people in person that I only knew before from on Facebook. Look forward to the next one!”

John N Imelda “It was a fantastic market with a good range of traders and some very unusual items. Will be going next year. The free entry meant we had more to spend on toys. Sorry *&^% you have lost our business.”

Sally Mittuch “I thought that it was fantastic to be able to drive right up to our stall and offload indoors! However it felt like an outdoor event with the tents up in the middle. You didn’t imposing any rules or obvious directions on us – we were all treated like adults who have participated in markets before! Thank you treating the traders with respect!”

Julie Morrisroe “Catering was bloody fantastic, Toilet facilities were impeccable and all round, the event ran smoothly, set up/pack up was smooth and you, quite frankly, ran a freaking awesome event David.

Jo Vincent-Pilsworth “It was nice that the catering was not overpriced like it is at *&^%. It was also REALLY nice that you didn’t have to run the ‘smokers alley’ gauntlet when you wanted to go find some food, as you do at *&^%.”

I thought it was great – some familiar traders and lots of new ones selling exciting things. Looking forward to the next one – it’s going to be superb! Thank you David – pure class! MAGS MARTIN

It was a fantastic market with a good range of traders and some very unusual items. Will be going next year. The free entry meant we had more to spend on toys. Sorry TORM you have lost our business. JOHN N IMELDA

On behalf of Coritani Services, I would like to say a big Thank You to Dave and his staff for making the Fayre such a pleasant event. I shall definitely be booking for the next Show and will have more leather and stuff to sell. DAVE CARVELL

I love the fact that I now have two places to visit in November, both at the same weekend, so it means the trip is that much more worthwhile. That said, given the cost of admission to ‘the other place’, I might not bother going there, if I can sort out my purchases directly with the vendors concerned.  JO VINCENT-PILSWORTH

It was worth coming over to visit, meet and buy. For sure again next year! DANIELLA HOLLY
I would just like to say I was at your fayre on the Sunday and it is the best fayre I have been to in years. I have been re-enacting for 15 years now and I just loved it, plus all your traders offer goods at reasonable prices unlike other fayres I have been to… I wish you all the best in the future and I look forward to attending more and more of your events. GAVIN KRUYER
Longship Traders had a great time at the show and will be back next year. We did not notice any smell, the mud got rubbed off boots very nicely by the shavings on the arena floor, it was level and the aisles were wide and easy to walk up (or run up when taking Caillie for a jog!) the cafe was brilliant, the bar excellent, the toilet block was to die for. The traders were all friendly and we made lots of new friends, learnt new techniques and passed on some knowledge as well.  JULIE MASON


“I noticed your post about the NLHF on Facebook. That’s really good news. There was always a personality to the NLHF when you ran it that none of the other fairs managed.”  COLIN, Knights in Battle.

“Makes a lot of sense to have them the same weekend and be close by, so one can go to both markets and compare traders and make the best choice.”    STEVE LIDDLE

Think its a great idea – I live in NI so means that if I come across, I’m only paying one travel fare…brilliant!  STEPHANIE LAVERY

Speaking for myself, I have always had a great time at events put on by your good self! PHIL BERRY

“I think its a great ideal i have not been to NLHF as its too far from me but i only go to TORM but it be great to look at both at the same time!”  NICOLA STOKES

Yes, so glad you did it all Dave – always loved your events – especially Boddy that was such a very special place – thanks for that and all the other events , great fun and you have very definitely made friends through all this. ALISON RYAN

“As I’d have to travel it would actually make sense to make 1 journey but see 2 markets instead of paying to get there twice.” PAULINE MEREDITH

When the two events coincided a few years back, I went to both. To be honest, I didn’t find anything new or interesting at TORM, but found some great “shinies” at the LHF. I had a brilliant day out in all. Oh, and having traded at both, the pitch fees are better for traders at the LHF than TORM                     DAVE CARVELL

“by God Sir, you organise a damn fine event”    Kevin Goodman, Medieval Surgeon

“WOW !!!! What can i say? one of THE most brilliant, well organised and entertaining event it has been my pleasure to trade at. ! David, the only comment I can make is “BLOODY WELL DONE SIR” you have set the standard for organising an event. What a great job ! Plenty of toilets, great parking, fantastic arena and stall layout, a bloody good beer tent and most importantly, a great atmosphere ! well done again!”   DAVE COLEY

I don’t understand the reluctance of many organisers to have markets on the same weekend – I appreciate it introduces competition, but I am virtually certain to make the journey if I can visit several markets in one day. If they are separated I will have to choose.  Best of luck with this   WILL FROM GOODRICH

“Probably one of the best events I’ve participated in. Great atmosphere, nice site, well organised.”  MAD MONK OF MITCHAM

“With NO ADMISSION fee you will certainly attract more visitors (I for one) and that may force TORM to lower their admission fee as well…….Happy days!!!!” :D Knight1066