Our dates will normally be the Saturday and Sunday of TORM’s November and March markets. So November 2013 will be Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th, open each day from 10 am. With FREE Admission!

We were asked by some of our trader friends not to have a Friday, as it makes it difficult for those with other commitments, be they work related or child-care, and so we will be able to set up until late on Friday, enabling us to have a pleasant and relaxed Friday evening. Many of the traders have welcomed the shorter event, as it reduces their costs and the time involved. One told us that they had never understood the benefit of the Friday as it meant they were there 3 days to take 2 days money!

Setting up times will be 10 am to midnight on Friday and from 7 am on Saturday. If you’re not completely set up ready for the customers by the time we open, we will be sorry as you may miss the odd sale, but it’s not really a big deal…

Opening times will be:

SATURDAY    10 am to 6 pm

SUNDAY         10 am to 4 pm