At the original NLHF, thanks to the suggestion of Dave Roberts and the hard work and expertise of Roger Lankford and his crew, we had Full Contact Sword Fighting Tournaments which were very well received by contestants and by our visitors.

Geoffrey of Woodstock and Lord Despencer

We were also able to offer that Arena space to anyone who had a good use for it, and so there were such delights as the Corset Parades (which raised money for the Make A Wish Foundation) courtesy of Corset Angel, some “conjuring tricks” by Ewick(remember the Magicke Daves, anyone?), Harpsichord recitals by Elizabeth Munday, and Cat Taylor’s wonderful Handbagging Tourneys.

At our proposed new venue we have a much bigger playground!! Over 1,000 acres, and no shortage of space in the market area for Arenas, etc…

So, there are more possibilities. So far, the suggestions include a Sword Tournament, an Archery Competition, and Space Hopper Jousting!

These will only happen if someone volunteers to make them happen and convinces us that they can run them safely – we’re really open to ideas, but totally against increasing our insurance premiums or being closed down by the dreaded Elf and Safety. So, what do you want to do?

This photograph shows a fantastic drawing by Matthew Ryan, Historical Illustrator, who will be attending the NLHF. I have arranged to acquire the NUMBER ONE limited edition signed print of this drawing, which is certain to become a collectors’ item, and it will be the First Prize in the Longbow Archery Competition that we are discussing with Fairbow NL.