The Northern Re-enactment & LARP Market

Following the establishment of a market in the South West, I was asked if I could do the same in the North.

So, October 31st and November the 1st, at an Equestrian Arena near Preston, Lancashire, convenient for the M6 and M55 motorways, we will be staging a Northern Market.

The venue – details, and photographs to follow when the rush calms down a bit – will have space for around 70 to 80 traders, and pitch fees will be £7 per square meter for 3m deep wall stands (ie a 3m by 3m pitch will cost £63) and £6 per square metre in the centre.

Aisles will be 4m wide, as for the NLHF at Onley Grounds, and it will be FREE ADMISSION

Already interest in booking this from some old friends….